Drummer for Hire
Gerald D. Williams

These sound bytes were recorded the summer of 1999 at Top Pop Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. The drum programming was done by Gerald Williams, Dave Stoler played keyboards, and Steve Shager was the engineer. Last summer I created this wonderful music, to make people look up and see that Jazz-Fusion was not just your everyday kind of music.

I know that these songs are far-reaching into the hearts and souls of the people I play for. Combining Jazz, Funk, and R&B, I put together this smokin trio called X,Y,Z. This band played this astounding music to push my musical palette to the envelope. This inspired me to produce these really hip songs. Enjoy. Drummer for Hire.

You will need the nullsoft winamp player to listen to the sound bytes on this page. All songs produced by Gerald Williams.
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Mackman Procat Berzilateen Lock of the Week You Need Me Baby Drum Solo

X,Y,Z. Jazz Fusion Trio
(Pictured Left to Right)
Jeff Eckels
, Gerald Williams, Dave Stoler

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