Drummer for Hire
Gerald D. Williams

Kit Set Up
A 14"  Sabian AAX Fusion Hi Hats
B 18" Zildjian Medium A Crash Ride
C 14" HH Paiste China Thin Crash
D 17" Sabian Rock Crash
E 20" Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Ride
F 16" Paiste Crystal  Crash
G 14"  Sabian AAXplosion Crash
H 20" Zildjian Sound Lab Proto Type Flat Ride

7Pc. Pearl Reference Series Drums
All Drums are Triggered with Fishman and Ddrum Transducers
1-18x22 Bass Drum
8x8 Mounted Tom
10x8 Mounted Tom
12x9 Mounted Tom
14x11 Floor Tom
16x13 Floor Tom 
14x5 20 ply snare 6 inner plies of birch and 14 outer plies of  maple                                                  4.5x 14 Potyondi  all Steel Shell Snare

Ddrum 4 by Clavia
Alesis Midi Verb 4
Alesis Dm 5 Drum Module
Boss Dr. Rhythm Dr-660
Yamaha T.M.X. Drum Trigger Module
Furman pl-8 Power Conditioner
Simmons TMI  Trigger To Midi-Interface
Mackie 1202 VLZ 12 Channel Mixer
Crown Power Tech-one Amplification
2 KC-500 combo Amplifers
Bag End-S15XD Cabinett               
Peavey ED-100-Electonic Amplification System

All Drums equiped with the May Acoustic Internal Miking system, May XL57SD in all toms and snare drum,  D112RF May in Bass Drum,plus the May AVC-1 audio vent connectors in All drums.
note: Gerald can do any size set-up for any size gig.

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