Drummer for Hire
Gerald D. Williams

Gerald Dion Williams

Born in Cleveland, Ohio.

I,ve  played drums all my life. I started playing at the age of 6 , played my first professional gig at age 15, and soon developed my technique from listening to all kinds of music and all kinds of musicians. I borrowed concepts and ideas from other players that helped me create my own style. I have always been invlolved with a lot of different musical situations and I have been active on the local studio and club scene in a lot of cites in the U.S.

Drums are my main interest, but I am a vocalist, lead and backup. Using techniques I picked up from school singing groups and do-wop groups, plus the likes of James Ingram an Lou Rawls, I have developed my own smooth style of vocals.

I am experienced in the styles of jazz, pop, hard rock, rhythm and blues, funk, Latin, reggae, and rap. I've been in dance bands, lounge bands, show bands, big bands, little bands, rubber bands, and rock & roll bands.

Recording Experience: "Summertime" with Sharpie and the G-Clefs
Herb James Enterprises, RKO Studios, N.Y.C.
Brice Roberts Enterprises; Kalamazoo, Michigan
Featured on Paul Flipowitz "Blues Man"
"Aspen" A & H Productions with Jeff Amundson
Full Compass Studios; Madison, Wisconsin
The Main Street Band KFMQ Home Grown Album, 1980
Spectrum Sound; Lincoln, Nebraska
The Tony Brown Band "Prisoners in Paradise"
Mountan Railroad Records, 1981; Madison, Wisconsin
The A.J. Love Quartet featuring  Javon  Jackson Namaste''Road Cat Records, 2006 Madison, Wisconsin
Commercial Advertising: Full Compass Studios; Madison, Wisconsin
Pepperhead Studios; Madison, Wisconsin
Spectrum Sound; Lincoln, Nebraska
A&M Studios; Los Angeles, California

Road Experience: Toured with nationally know recording group The Emotions
in the Ingition System Band

Also Toured and was

 Lucky to grace the stage with:



Ronnie Foster; Cleveland, Ohio
Billy Wooten Trio; Akron, Ohio
The Esquires; Akron, Ohio
O'Dell Brown, Rick Furey; Chicago, Illinois
Chuck Tormeno and Company; Chicago, Illinois
Lou Donaldson; Indianapolis, Indiana
Spiral Staircase; Las Vegas, Nevada
James Ingram, Akron, Ohio
Coke Escovedo; Hollywood, California
Ella Fitzgerald; New York City
Jr. Walker; Grand Rapids, Michigan
Stanley Jordan; Madison, Wisconsin
R.E.M.; Los Angeles, California
Tino Gonzales Blues Band; Chicago, Illinois
Luther Allison; Madison, Wisconsin
Sosumi; Madison, Wisconsin
Penny Goodman and the Ray Tabs Trio; Milwaukee, WI
Lonnie Brooks; Chicago, Illinois
Guitar Matt Murphy; Madison, Wisconsin
Jose Feliciano; Kalamazoo, Michigan
Hassan Khan; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
East West; Los Angeles, California
Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sugar and Spice; Kent, Ohio
The John McDonald Band; Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Powerhouse Band; Grand Rapids, Michigan
Tanglewood Band; Grand Rapids Michigan
Essence of Brotherhood; Grand Rapids Michigan
Clicker; Madison, Wisconsin
Moongerms; Rockford, Illinois
Hollywood Boulevard; Rockford, Illinois
Paul Flipowitz Blues Band; Madison, Wisconsin
Free Enterprise; Madison, Wisconsin
Fat Richard and the Chicago Daily Blues Band, Madison, WI
High Steppin; Madison, Wisconsin
Romance; Madison, Wisconsin
Main Street; Lincoln, Nebraska
Slick Licks; Madison, Wisconsin
Jammington; Hollywood, California
 X.Y.Z. Jazz Fusion Trio Madison Wisconsin
Red Hot Buzz Power Quartet  Madison Wisconsin
Recently: Gerald is the leader and founder of  Red Hot Buzz and the Blues Busters band, and the founder of the X.Y.Z. Jazz Fusion Trio. Gerald also appeared in the 1995 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine and was aired with X.Y.Z. on B.E.T. the nationally-known cable T.V. show Jazz Discovery.

Using Pearl Reference Series Drums, it's been really nice to have that incredible electronic drum sound that I've incorporated with a triggered midi system. Technology of this level  has my imagination Running wild with colorful, fiery rhythms and a groove that an audience can totally enjoy.

My goal is to be with a creative group of people.
Doing original music.
Because even on my next plane I'll take "DRUMS, DRUMS, DRUMS."

Contact: gwdrums@charter.net

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